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Spiewak - Recycled Duckdown

Innovation means not only pushing the boundaries in search of the highest performing fabrics and technologies, but also anticipating future needs and delivering technologies that embrace those needs. First introduced in 2014, for Fall/Winter 2015 Spiewak continues his partnership with feather-processor Minardi Piume, in the feather business for 99 years, for a new line of recycled duck down parkas.

With a particular focus on quality and care, sourcing directly from Europe and using a seven-step process, duck down from select post-consumer household items and garments is sanitized, washed, and graded to the highest level for its second life. Using the latest advances in recycling technology to select the highest quality down fibers, each jacket features a softer hand and a 600 - 650 Fill Power.

For Spiewak, building a better jacket while conserving resources is key. While a seemingly small action, together it makes a big movement.